Vegan Thousand Island Cheese Quesadillas


Hey guys! It is an official welcome 2015 celebration in the McKenzie home!

What are you up to?

I am just over here buzzing away, wanted to give you two new recipes so that you can go enjoy being a chef before your party, post party, post post post party that might be so late that its a pre party for tomorrows party (sorry I stole that line from the Mountain Dew Kickstart commercial on my iPhone’s music app).


I was thinking just the other day about an old post of cheese quesadillas (sorry Pinterest, I took it down), and I thought, it is time to update that post!

So, my husband and I decided to take a chapter from our first year going gluten free in 2011 and just make some simple, yet delicious two cheese quesadillas that you will love!! Seriously, if you are planning a party – make these for finger food! They are just perfect!

These are just so cheesy, soft, delicious, and q-u-i-c-k! They look elegant too, when you make them with the dressing.

So I really hope you love ’em!

5 mins
15 mins
20 mins

©Sweet n’ Savory Life
Author: Bella
Recipe type: Lunch/Main Dish
Serves: 1

Olive oil spray
1 gluten free tortilla, I used Udi’s
¼ cup Daiya cheddar cheese
⅛ cup Daiya mozzarella cheese
1 tbsp of my
homemade thousand island dressing
¼ tsp garlic powder

Heat a pan or a griddle on medium low heat, and spray it with olive oil spray.
Once warm, place one tortilla on the griddle and allow it to warm. This is important because gluten free tortillas are not as flexible and soft until they are warmed.
Next, with a spatula, flip the tortilla and sprinkle on the now toasty warm side the cheeses – only add the cheese to one side though. To that same side, drizzle the tbsp of thousand island dressing, and the garlic powder.
Once the ingredients have been added to one side, gently lift the side with no ingredients on it, and fold over the tortilla. Then, pat it down with your spatula, and allow the quesadilla to continue to warm until the cheese melts. One trick I do if the cheese is not melting is put a pot cover over the quesadilla for a bit to trap the heat.
Once the cheese has melted and the sides are evenly tanned a little, use the spatula to transfer the quesadilla to a plate. Cut the quesadilla in three or four parts, and top with thousand island dressing, guacamole, or even the restaurant-style salsa.

Good news for this recipe!! I have recipes for all three dipping sauces mentioned in step 5!

Thousand Island



Which one are you choosing to top it with?

Just look at these!

gluten free cheese quesadilla with thousand island dressing

Enjoy and Feliz Año Nuevo! ~Bella

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