Three Leaf Salad with Tomatoes and Pecans


During the holiday season, I have noticed that almost everyone does some dietary cheating. We all make that vow that “this holiday, I am not going to overeat, or gain weight”, and then we see that table spread so perfectly with that aromatic casserole – that freshly baked basket of (fill in the blank), that pie, jellied cranberry…

Yes, you get the point.

Once it’s all said and done a detox is in order.

Interestingly enough, while I have been detoxing from the holiday craze, so have many of my Instagram followers.

I am serious, like almost everyone is talking about this salad, that smoothie, this juice, and that cleanse. Yes, the proverbial “heat is on” as people attempt to shed those seemingly unavoidable carb/sugar-centric weight that we seem to collect over the holidays.

That is why I felt it would be appropriate to share with you a simple and smart option for dinner tomorrow.

A salad that you can eat all by yourself! Or share!

This combination has a very nice mixture of flavors. You have the crunch and slight nutty flavor from the pecans, juicy sweetness from the Roma tomatoes, and three different types of greens that work great together and have the perfect tender bite to them.

15 mins
15 mins

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Author: Bella
Recipe type: Side

3 cups fresh kale, chopped, preferably young leaves
3 cups fresh baby spinach
3 cups romaine or red leaf lettuce, chopped
2-3 medium-large firm roma tomatoes, chopped
½ cup pecans
Dried cranberries (optional)

Prepare your kale, spinach, and lettuce by thoroughly washing and chopping appropriately.
Allow leafy greens to sit and dry in a strainer while you prepare the other items.
Chop the tomatoes and reserve to the side dried cranberries.
Now, to assemble, place your kale at the bottom of your salad bowl followed by the spinach, and romaine or red leaf lettuce.
Next, add the dried cranberries, tomatoes, and finally the pecans.
Add your favorite dressing.

Need a salad dressing recipe? Click here for my perfect vegan Thousand Island Dressing recipe!

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