The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook

Tina-Family-book-3dRMega-nutritious, fast and delicious: these are the ingredients of a truly healthy family meal. But with ever-changing food trends, it can be hard to know what’s really best for your family. To the rescue is The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook, by Tina Ruggiero, which redefines mealtime with simple and delicious recipes that deliver super-charged nutrition in every bite!

Fondly called “The Gourmet Nutritionist,” Tina’s modern approach to healthy cooking will empower you to prepare exceptional recipes based on cutting-edge nutrition science, making your family the healthiest it can be—no fads, no gimmicks.

An award-winning Registered Dietitian and author of the best seller, The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet Tina brings this outstanding collection of healthy recipes tailored to meet the practical needs of your family, yet delivers more when it comes to taste and variety. Incorporating all the foods your family enjoys, (absolutely no food exclusions!) this cook book is full of recipes that focus on what works: wholesome ingredients, time-saving tips and proven nutrition based on modern science.

Featuring more than 120 crave-worthy recipes and beautiful, full-color photography, the book is ideal for busy, health-conscious families! From energy-packed breakfasts to lean and luscious lunches and from super-charged snacks to dynamite dinners, Tina makes it easy to prepare great-tasting meals at any time of day.

Each recipe includes:

  • “Real food,” smart nutrition tips, calorie counts and a nutrient analysis
  • Tips for maximizing the use of each recipe, including instructions for advance preparation, freezing and serving suggestions.
  • Vitamin and nutrient-packed ingredients to maximize energy and all-around health.

The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook is unlike any other family cookbook you’ve seen! It’s for families who want more: more nutrition, more satisfaction, more taste, more recipes, more health and more enjoyment at mealtime!


“The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook presents an informed approach to eating that emphasizes not just nutrition but its connection with basic, varied and flavorful ingredients. Tina’s reassuring tone is balanced, informed, savory and fun, making healthy cooking and eating accessible to even the novice. This must-have book is relevant to families large and small; you don’t even need to have children to reap long-lasting benefits from this book. It upholds the values of family meals — inviting, fresh, nutritionally sound and absolutely delicious.”

~ Alex C. Simotas MD, Assistant Professor & Attending Physician,
Department of Physiatry, Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College