Hey there! Where shall I start?

I’m Bella, and the lovely gentleman beside me in the pic is my funny and quite handsome husband Otavio! I am originally from Ohio – Go Buckeyes! Otavio is originally from Jamaica but grew up in sunny Florida – Go Dolphins!).

Where we grew an appreciation for good food…

He has always had it. Me – well, it took some time.

Appreciation for good and healthy food happened for me many years later when we were living in Santa Cruz, California. That was where all of the inspiration happened for better health, and happiness!

Yes, the sun, ocean, multicultural beach-front life was inspiring.

A quick rundown on me:

I love design. creativity. minimalism.

I am a wife. sister. daughter. auntie. best friend, and friend.

I am gluten free and a blogger that is addicted to a God named Desire.

How this blog got started was interesting.

In 2010, my hubby and I were in the kitchen together cooking dinner after a long day of work, and out of no where I randomly mentioned a sweet dessert that I was craving – I wanted to make it that night.

Well, this turned into a moment of daydreaming about food cravings for both of us…

He began envisioning fancy dinners he could cook. I began envisioning elegant desserts I could bake.

Then, out of no where we realized it! The light came on in both of our heads!

My hubby would look at me in the cutest way and said, “Bella, why are you so in love with sweets? And why am I so the opposite – in love with savory foods?”

I stood there for a second, and after only two years of marriage I realized at that moment “why” quite clearly. I said, “It’s because I’m sweet, and you’re savory.”

It just made sense!

And it has stuck.

I am sweet.

He is savory.

Oh! The blog came about just around that time too… you get the message! LOL!

This blog is simply a manifestation of me and Otavio’s daily lives and culinary adventures. My husband should have been a chef – his whole family says it. But I would say that he is fulfilling an awesome line of work in his life and with that, he is content remaining in the background helping me to bring to you the best gluten free recipes I can!

Thank you so much for your support of this blog!